Buttons was officially shut down on the 24 July 2020. We are planning a closed beta release of Buttons' successor in the coming months. You can join us here.


The web has become a major part of our lives. Music, movies, food, shopping, travel arrangements, research for work or school projects. We find all of this and much more online. Yet the way we currently organise, save and share websites is very scattered and unorganised. We save useful websites on our web browser at home, but cannot access them from work or on the go. We share useful links through chat, email or social media, and then have to scroll through long lists to find the desired website.

This was our initial inspiration for creating Buttons, a web application which will change the way you bookmark and share the Web. When developing Buttons, we did not only focus on creating innovative features, but also gave great importance to the application design and to creating an immersive user experience.

Buttons is a web application, developed and maintained by Dreamlabs.