Buttons was officially shut down on the 24 July 2020. We are planning a closed beta release of Buttons' successor in the coming months. You can join us here.
Acceptable use

Terms and Conditions

These terms cover your use of the Buttons website ("our service") which is developed and provided by Dreamlabs ("we"). By subscribing to Buttons and using our service you are agreeing to these terms and accepting our privacy policy and our acceptable use policy.

Your account

The details you provide when subscribing to our service will be used for the purpose of creating your account. The email address linked to your account is required in order to offer our service and keep your account secure. By agreeing to these terms you give us permission to send notification and verification emails on the address linked to your account. You will also receive important information about any changes or updates to our service.

You are free to stop using our service at any time and permanently delete your account. We also reserve the right to suspend or delete your account at any time should you violate our acceptable use policy or not comply to these terms when using our service.

Your data

The data on your Buttons account, including the buttons you create and their content is yours. We will only use your data in the limited extent required for us to be able to offer our service.

Our data

Buttons and all the content we provide to make our service available - including but not limited to the code, functions, logos and images - are property of Dreamlabs and protected under copyright law. By agreeing to these terms you are showing your understanding that you have no rights to copy or replicate any of the content or unique features of our service.

Your payment

Our payment transactions are processed securely through PayPay. We do not have access to or collect any information related to your PayPay account or credit card details.

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee, subject to a valid reason being provided for terminating the Premium plan.

Sharing your buttons

Our service allows you create links to your buttons and create shared buttons to collaborate with others. Please think carefully about what you share and who you give access to the shared buttons. We are not responsible for loss of data caused by other users collaborating on a shared button.

Your responsibility

You are responsible for how you use our service and the data you keep on your Buttons account. When using our service you are required to comply to our acceptable use policy. We are not responsible for the data you add to your Buttons account and share through our service.

Reports of alleged infringement of the law through our service will be investigated and if confirmed the content in question will be removed from your account. Repeated law infringement will lead to your account being suspended and/or permanently deleted.

It is also your responsibility to keep your login details safe. We cannot be held responsible if someone else gains access to your Buttons account using your login details.

Our service

The Basic plan is free for all users whilst the Premium plan is subject to a yearly fee. We reserve the right to change our plans and the yearly fee. This will not affect the services offered to current users for the duration of their plan.

Our service is offered "as-is" and Dreamlabs offers no warranties on the services provided. Some of our features might be subject to web browser compatibility. Buttons has been tested on and is compatible with the latest versions of all major web browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11). Our import tool requires an .html file containing your current web browser bookmarks. This can be created by all major web browsers with the exception of Microsoft Edge, which does not currently have an export bookmarks function.

We value and appreciate feedback about your experience using our service and promise you that we will strive to fix any problems you encounter during your use. As we are constantly working on improving our service, there may be changes in the features being offered in future releases.

Limitation of liability

Dreamlabs will not be liable or held responsible for any damages, loss of data or any other problems created by using our service. However should you encounter any such difficulties with our service we urge you to contact us so that we can help you find an appropriate solution.

Controlling law

These terms will be governed under Maltese law.

Our agreement

These terms make up the agreement between you and Dreamlabs and need to be observed and respected when using our service.

Future changes

We reserve the right to revise and update these terms as well as the associated policies when we deem appropriate. You will be notified about these changes through the email address associated with your account. By continuing to use our service after receiving the notification email, you will be agreeing to follow the revised terms.


By accepting these terms and using our service you hereby assume all responsibility for the appropriate usage of your Buttons account, and understand that Dreamlabs is not to be held responsible for any loss of data and/or other damages caused by using our service.

You are not permitted to use our service if you do not accept and agree to these terms and the associated acceptable use and privacy policies.